Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fishing Forecast 6/22

Today I had to cancel due to big seas and strong winds out of the NW. This time of year live bait is the key to success. If I cant get it then taking you fishing is gonna be tough, sure we can go fishing, but you are paying me to go catching. If I dont think its going to be good, take my word. Most days I can know what to expect before getting in the boat, although sometimes I get fooled.Fishing is my passion and I take great pride in my ability to catch fish. Snook and tarpon are my specialties and I have the knowledge and experience to produce. Tarpon fishing takes a lot of patience and knowledge, and being on the fish before the sun comes up. The best times to tarpon fish are from first light till about 9am on the beaches and then again late afternoon. Some spots produce fish as the sun gets higherm but only a handful of people fish this area. Do your research when it comes to tarpon fishing. This week the winds will lay down on Thursday and we have some great tides all day. I have one day open on Sunday and the tarpon fishing should be back to a normal pattern. Tight lines