Saturday, June 13, 2009

Naples Snook Fishing 6/13/09

Wow what a difference a day makes in fishing. Today I started real early to get bait, I was on the spot at 5:45am and the bait came easy in one throw. The hardest part of the day was now over and I was off to pick my clients at 7:30. I stopped just off the beaches to kill some time and found a couple schools of happy tarpon rolling all over the place. I just sat and watched and while doing that I had a 10ft bull shark swim right behind the boat. My clients arrived right on time and we started in the pass where we began to catch snook right away. We caught about 15 snook in about an hour and moved on to a little mangove point next. A couple handfuls of chummers was all it took to get the snook fired up and we managed another 12 snook and a trout in a short time. We then decided to head out to the beaches to get a little cooler air with a breeze blowing. The snook were absolutely on fire and in huge schools all over the place. Every bait in the water was destroyed almost instantly by a snook. Most of them were on the small side, but the numbers of fish made up for there size. We then headed back to the dock and called it a morning before it got to hot. Another great morning of fishing in Naples.