Monday, June 22, 2009

Naples Snook Fishing 6/18

Today I had a great guy Lee from Memphis for an afternoon of snook fishing. He had only caught one before today so we had to add to that total. It didnt take long before he had 10 fish in the pass on pilchards. He then switched to fly and got another nice one. With the tides better and calm conditions and asked if he wanted to try to get a tarpon. We netted some big threads and made one more snook stop on the beach before heading south. The beach snook were on fire and he added about 15 more to his total. We got set up on the tarpon flat and saw numerous bull sharks right away. We finally saw a lone tarpon and a well place cast got destroyed, but missed the hook up. We gave it a little more time only seeing sharks and ran back for a few more snook before calling it a day.