Thursday, June 11, 2009

Naples Tarpon Fishing 6/11/09

Today I had a fishing writer from England named Paul for a morning of tarpon fishing. He has put in some serious hours over the years targeting tarpon and has not had much success. That would all change today for him. We left the dock at 6am and had a livewell full of big live threads. We ran the beaches looking and came upon a bunch of happy tarpon rolling all over the place. It didnt rake long and we were hooked up to a nice 60lb fish that put on a great aerial display. We soon headed to another spot and had fish all around, but most were staying put of range. We missed two big fish over 100lbs and finally got what we were looking for, a school of about a 12 fish moving down a shallow bar. A perfect cast had three fish fighting over the bait and finally it was came on. The fish made long runs and got some serious air, 1hr later we had all 1115lbs of here boatside. A perfect morning with a great angler.