Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tomas Catches a Snook of a Lifetime 8/22/09

Today I had Einar and his 8yr old son Tomas on the boat for a nice morning of inshore fishing. I went out before the trip and loaded the livewells with pilchards. I picked them up at 8am and we were on our way to fish the pass. The snook were in there good, but the snapper were hammering the baits. I made a run south to fish some backbays and it was much better. Snook and jacks were feeding well, and Tomas was doing a great job. It was getting hot and we were about done, but I wanted to make one last stop. A couple handfuls of chummers and the fish were popping. Tomas made a cast and his line was screaming towards the mangroves, I picked up the powerpole and chased the fish down with the trolling motor. She swam out perfect and Tomas was rewarded with a 40in snook that was right around 20lbs. A great way to finish up a trip. Great clients and big fish make my day. Thanks guys