Saturday, January 23, 2010

Naples Fishing 1/23/2010

Fished hard the last four days and was rewarded with great clients and great fish. If you are reading this report and have heard about the fish kills, keep reading. Don't believe everything you read online or in the papers, our paper puts out the same forecast each month as the previous year. Too many times I read it and the fishing is great here and they have somebody reporting it's horrible, being a full time fishing guide is not for everyone. These days there are a lot of guys out there getting into the business that are doing it for the wrong reasons. Fishing is a way of live for me, to make a living doing it is a dream come true. Ok back to the fishing, snook fishing is typically not a Winter time target, they like water above 70 and most Winters average 62-67. I can tell you that fish were killed, but fishing right now is excellent. Snook fishing is slow, yet I'm still catching some while targeting trout and redfish. The water temps have climbed back into the low 70's and I expect to see more snook caught as fish begin to hunt again. The trout fishing has been excellent, we most of caught close to 50 today. They have been in the 14-23in range, live shrimp on a jighead works great, DOA paddletails, and the big ones have been caught on live pilchards. Redfish have been thick in some select bays, it's a great time to sight fish them in shallow water. We managed two nice ones yesterday afternoon on pilchards, and caught others this week sight fishing with jigs and live shrimp. The fishing is only going to get better as water temps rise and the weather has been great. Give me a call when booking your next Naples fishing charter, 239-404-6255