Friday, May 28, 2010

May Fishing Report

May is coming to an end, but the fishing is heating up. It's been a
busy month and keeping up with reports has been tough. I have been
focusing on tarpon and snook with great results. The tarpon have been
acting wierd, eating like mad one day and the next having to really
work to get them too eat. Snook fishing has been really good this
month with some big girls showing up in the passes on the outgoing
tides. Big threads have been best for the tarpon and big snook and
smaller pilchards have done best with smaller snook, trout and jacks
in the backwaters. This morning while tarpon fishing we had s 30lb
cobia eat a thread, nice suprise. Look for the tarpon to start to get
into a better pattern as the winds lay down and we start to get some
rain. Late afternoons are a great time to fish when we get into a
normal Summer weather pattern. Let's get get out there for some huge
tarpon 239 404 6255.