Saturday, August 14, 2010

Naples Fall Tarpon Fishing Coming Soon

I have been writing for months on how amazing the tarpon fishing is in late September till late October. We get two huge bait migrations the occur during this time. Normally we get a huge push of mullet that move down the coast and flood the beaches and passes as the first cold fronts try to push south. I like to target the tarpon in the passes on the strong outgoing tides early in the morning right before sunrise and late afternoon as the sun is setting. The tarpon literally come out of the chasing these mullet schools. Mixed in are some big sharks and huge jacks. The next push of bait are small glass minnows, these are like skittles to tarpon, sharks, mackeral and bonita. I target the tarpon as they are gorging themselves on these small baits and do not mind the boat getting close. We catch the majority of them on swim baits and the DOA Baitbuster. Live bait works great too, but the sharks and mackeral eat the baits to fast. Most trips are 6 hours and hooking 15-30 tarpon is possible. It happens from first light until dark sometimes. If you are coming to Naples this Fall and want to get in on the action call or email me now, this type of fishing only happens once a year for a short time.