Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Fishing 8/2/10

After a very busy June business came to a screatching hault for me. People were scared to book their trips due to the oil spill, even though we will never see it in Naples. Our beaches are very clean, waters crystal clear and fish are waiting for you. What we do have off the beaches are snook, tarpon, sharks and mackeral. Live baits have been doing best, just look for diving birds in 20ft of water or less and have fun. Recently I fished John Pool his girlfriend and buddy Oz for two late afternoon backwater trips. Live bait was very easy to net although it was on the small side. We fished docks, bridges and the pass and did very well both days on snook, jacks, snapper and jumped a small tarpon. They were great fisherman and a pleasure to have on the boat.

Tarpon season is not over and some of the best is yet to come. August and Sept will be good for fish that are migrating back south. October will be the best. Every year in October the mullet get really schooled up in the passes, early mornng and late afternoon outgoing tides around the full moon are what you need. These are big tarpon and are very aggressive when presented a live mullet. When the morning tarpon action calms in the passes it's then off to the beaches to look for huge schools of glass minnows. These are like candy to big tarpon, sharks, bonita and mackeral. Tarpon are the main target with live bait, soft plastics and on the fly. It is a true spectical to see this many big fish eating at one time. I'm excited typing about it, do not wait if you want in on the action. This month will book up fast with the return of seasonal anglers returning to Naples. See everyone soon