Thursday, October 7, 2010

Naples Fishing Report 10/7/10

The tarpon and big sharks are here causing major problems on fishing
tackle. Yesterday I left the dock at 2pm with a full well of 45 live
mullet, and 25 tarpon hooks. The waters were stirred up with rough
seas, tide running out with big schools of mullet. In 2.5 hours I
broke two reels and went through every hook, my wife had to bring me
more hooks. We hooked 32 big fish, tarpon, bull sharks, and blacktips
were on fire. It was an unbelievable night to say the least. Tonight I
had good friend and guide from Pine Island Rick De Paiva on the boat
to take pictures of the madness. It never went off like last night,
but we hooked a bunch of sharks, and had about 6 tarpon blow up on
baits landing the one in the picture. He takes unbelievable pictures
and is an amazing guide also. The tarpon should be here till the full
moon at the end of October. Don't wait to boo your trip, select tides
for tarpon are filling in. Call now 239-404-6255