Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tarpon, Sharks, Bonita 10/16/10

Tarpon fishing has remained red hot here in Naples. The mullet are
here in huge schools and the tarpon are loving it. This is a picture
of mullet two nights ago, they look like rain on top of the water. We
managed to follow a school of mullet north up the beach jumping five
tarpon and three sharks. We them came back into the bay where we
jumped three more and got a four foot bull shark. The tarpon have
been very big with most around 130lbs and some over 160lbs. This
morning in two hours we had eight tarpon eat mullet, we broke off
three and just lost the others. This action should stay good through
the end of October with great tides coming up at the end of this week.
The Bonita are also in big schools off the beaches eating anchovies.
They are a ton of fun on light tackle and average around 10lbs. Mixed
in with them are tarpon, sharks and mackeral. Now is the time to get
out fishing in Naples, call now I only have some days still open 239-404-6255