Friday, November 5, 2010

Monster Snook and Tarpon 11/5/10

We got our first big cold front of the year last night and the fish
hunkered down this morning. I had my bait pen loaded with pilchards
and bought shrimp as back up for the morning trip. The winds were
blowing 20knts from the northwest, water was filthy and the fish would
not bite for me. I tried looking for tarpon first thing, mullet were
there but no tarpon. Then I tried the back and couldn't get a bite
going. Tried docks for snook and caught three and missed a half dozen.
We did find
some tarpon, but time was running out and the other boat was already
in. My afternoon trip was at 130 and I told Shayne the tarpon bite
should be good so we will give it an hour and if it's slow we will go
in. After getting mullet we found tarpon instantly and ended up
hooking five and getting one 60lb fish to the boat. He also caught
this monster snook on a big mullet. After a slow morning it felt good
to get back on some nice fish.