Friday, March 11, 2011

Naples Tarpon Fishing

The tarpon are here and eating on the right tides. Live mullet have been the bait of choice the last week and the tarpon are between 60-120lbs. I have only fished for them twice this week, but have had fished hooked each time. We did catch one the other day around 20lbs fishing for snook by a dock. Look for it to get better as more fish show up with warming water and weather. Snook fishing as been the go to for numbers, we have had some really good days this week with 30 fish in a four hour trip. The snook are getting more aggressive and starting to bunch up more. Ive got a good week of chartes so check back in a few days for an updated report. Tarpon fishing trips will fill up in the Spring so dont hesitate to book your trip.