Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Naples Fishing Report 2/28/12

Let me start off by saying if you are not live bait fishing in Naples you are missing out. I have seen a lot of people on charters lately that are jigging the channels,catching ladyfish "bait" and the odd pompano, this is not what my charters are about. Your trip starts before you get to the dock, I'm out catching you tons of live bait to ensure you have the best chance of catching snook, redfish, trout, big jacks and tarpon. There are a few other guides out there doing the same, but to many guides are being lazy and taking people bait fishing. Plenty of guides say they catch these fish, but you are being fooled by old pictures.
Now onto the fishing, nothing has changed the last few days. This snook was caught yesterday afternoon on a live pilchard and weighed 23lbs. Big snook, trout, redfish, jacks and some nice trout are all being caught daily. Tarpon and big sharks are here and waiting to be caught, the next few days should be nice with light winds and sunny conditions. Till next time tight lines