Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Naples Fishing Report 11/21/12

This week has thrown me some serious curve balls. The biggest was blowing up my motor on Friday while getting bait in rough weather offshore of Marco. I had to cancel both my trips an idle all the way back to Naples, not fun. I have been using a friends boat all week to run my charters. I will have my boat back up and running with the new Yamaha V Max 200 SHO by Wednesday the 28th. The weather in Naples has been a little up and down and I have had to fish places I don't fish much anymore. The docks in and around Naples are holding a lot of fish, while the backwaters have been off this week. We caught snook, redfish, trout, snapper, grouper and jacks while fishing these docks. This is just a temporary phase the fish are in right now, it's getting cooler in the gulf pushing the fish closer to the backwaters, just not cold enough for them to leave the bay yet. Fishing should improve as weather conditions stabilize and fish begin to make their ways to Winter spots. Christmas is fast approaching so don't hesitate to book your trip. Pictured are some redfish from Estero Bay last week caught on live pilchards