Monday, December 17, 2012

Warm Winter Weather 12/17/12

It's almost Christmas and the temps are still in the 80's. I love the warm weather, but really messes with the fish. Winter is all about pompano, trout and redfish. Colder water packs these guys in the deep holes of the backwaters and makes my job a little easier. Right now the water temps are 74-77 in the backwaters, this is to warm to get them piled up. What this means is I'm still concentrating on snook fishing. Yes I'm catching redfish still, just not putting to much effort into them as they are scattered all over. I've been catching some trout, big jacks and even hooked a few little tarpon while fishing docks, rock sea walls and bays close to the gulf. We need a good cold front to push the fish back to there winter homes. Till this happens I'll just keep focusing on catching snook and keeping the rods bent. Tight lines