Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Fishing Report 10/28/13

It's been a while since I've updated my reports. It gets tough fishing all the time, keeping up on the boats and raising a family. The fish are here and I have been doing good on just about everything that swims. I'll start with redfish as they have been outstanding. I've been fishing mainly out of lovers key in Estero Bay the last few months. Pilchards are very easy to get right now off the beaches and pinfish with a little chum are all over the flats. Higher water has produced best for my clients free lining or under a float in small flooded mangrove pockets. The fish have been in the 23-33" range and 20-40 fish have been normal. On lower water the grass flats have been proving good also with topwaters, gold spoons and cut mullet day at schools of reds. These fish will continue to feed good as long as the temps stay good. Snook fishing has been good although I have not been fishing for them much with redfish being so good. Early mornIngs have been good on a low incoming tide with topwaters. We have caught some really nice 10lb fish doing this. While redfishing some days we catch 20 or more snook mixed in and somedays hardly any. Live pilchards have still been best, I've not caught any over 20lbs for a while but a lot in the 10-16lb range. As waters cool off snook will get better as they move in from offshore. Tarpon fishing has been very consistent during October. I think I went 24 days straight and only two days we didn't get one or hook any. Most of the month was spent finding tarpon off the beaches and throwing DOA Baitbusters at them. The average morning was 4-8 fish hooked up in a few hours before redfishing. We had a great day on Thursday fishing windy rough gulf waters for tarpon. Kenny from Scotland brought his son and nephew out and we put a hurting on the big tarpon. They ended the morning going 5-15 with four over 120lbs and my biggest to date at over 7 ft and 200lbs. The weather is still warm and I feel we should have a few more good weeks of tarpon fishing. Don't wait to book your dates as its going to be a great Fall