Monday, October 6, 2014

October Fishing Report 10/6/14

  October is probably my favorite month to fish in the Naples area. The cooler weather means the arrival of redfish, trout, big snook and are last push of big tarpon coming from the north. My main focus the last two weeks has been on redfish, with a lot of snook getting caught too. The redfish have been eating live pilchards and Spanish sardines best on the 1st few hours of the incoming and the 1st few hours of the outgoing. I have had success throwing top waters on low light low water conditions also. The redfish have varied in size from 23 - 33 in range. Snook fishing has been very good in the backwaters pretty much all Summer. The last week I've been catching them in areas I couldn't a few weeks ago due to hot water temps. Mist of the snook are in the 18-26in range but a few 10 lb fish have been caught and released. Tarpon should make a great showing as temps cool more and we get the right tides. If you have never caught a big tarpon and want to, give me a call or email. I won't go into details on tarpon as this year too many clueless guides are finding it easier to read reports and follow you than actually learn how to catch them. Till next time tight lines